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A successful construction project doesn’t just happen. It results from the dedicated efforts of highly skilled professionals working as a team. And that organized, team-oriented approach is the very reason the Indiana Mason Contractors Association (IMCA) was created. Representing over 100 of the finest mason contractors from across the state of Indiana, IMCA is committed to bringing superior masonry work to every construction project we manage. By establishing a cooperative relationship between member contractors, a skilled labor union and the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees, IMCA serves to enhance all phases of construction requirements in order to maximize the success of every project.

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New OSHA Silica Guidelines Update

By Paul Nysewander | September 22, 2017 |

Many of you have already taken the steps you need to begin complying with the new OSHA Silica Guidelines that take effect on 9/23/17. IMCA has been hard at work on this issue as well. To date we have: 1. Worked with the International Health Fund to provide the initial health assessment and chest x-rays…