Midwest Masonry Council

In 2008 IMCA recognized the need for quality masonry education for architects, engineers and university construction-related programs to increase the usage of structural masonry in Indiana building projects.  Midwest Masonry Council (MMC) was formed in 2009 and from MMC's humble beginnings they have become a trusted source of masonry education programs for industry and universities throughout the state.  Executive Director Terri Truitt (317-504-3593) and President Eston Hathaway (317-200-3833) also sit on the advisory boards for IUPUI and Ball State construction management programs and conduct educational programs in Evansville, Indianapolis, Merrillville and Ft. Wayne and at IUPUI, Ball State and Notre Dame.

Indiana/Kentucky Structural Masonry Coalition

In 2011 the industry realized that we were continuing to lose market share to other building materials.  In particular, the steel industry had developed software to make it easier for architects and engineers (a&e) to design with steel.  Steel and other building materials had convinced a&e that is was cheaper and quicker to build with their materials as well.  To combat this IMCA, BAC Local 4, MMC, IMI and other industry partners came together to form the Indiana/Kentucky Structural Masonry Coalition.  In addition to providing educational events and webinars on the benefits of using structural masonry the Coalition makes design software and training available to a&e at no charge.  The Coalition identifies and targets building projects and then works to increase the use of structural masonry in the projects.  The Coalition also provides project support with structural engineers on retainer and the resources of IMI.

Director David Collins 317-872-3446

International Council of Employers of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (ICE)

The International Council of Employers of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers was formed to give mason contractors and state masonry associations a national presence in Washington D.C.  ICE negotiates national contracts for refractory and maintenance, they appoint Trustees for the International Health and Pension Funds and they represent state associations like IMCA in the halls of Congress.  They have been instrumental in achieving multi-employer pension reform and fighting the new OSHA silica guidelines.  They are actively engaging BAC International on the subject of non-union competition and the threat it represents to the future of the industry.

Phone: 202-210-6069